Saturday, December 3, 2011

I am addicted to carbs

Baby crawling at L.A. County Fair
I am crawling back.... I gained some weight back and I have come to the conclusion that I am addicted to carbs!

 The last time I posted was October of 2010.... I had been doing so well. I got down to 197lbs by "clean eating" primarily South beach diet style. I had a business trip to Las Vegas and then a 40th birthday trip to New York City plus a whole bunch of white crappy carbs. The first week of November last year I hurt my foot. It hurt to put any pressure on it. And then of course work got busy so no exercise for close to 2 months plus totally crappy eating-lots of bad habits. White bread, potato chips creeped back into my diet.

 I am back over 200lbs which I never really wanted to be. My face is gains the weight plus my boobs. I get so top heavy looking. So with my head hung low I am getting back on track. I bought a new treadmill a few weeks back and making sure I am getting my but on that each week.


  1. The quickest way to clean up an adicition? Go cold turkey for three days. Just three days.

    Thanks for linking up to the Weekend Rewind.

  2. It has been two weeks since I have had the white starches and sugar! I feel great no carb hangovers!


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