Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family support

I watched episode 2 of the Biggest loser last night.   I always love the early episodes of each season because you deal with the I can't do it and see them oh Yes I can come on through many times. Family was a theme that we heard with many families being seen during the health discussions via video camera

Family support I know I need it from my husband.  I don't need someone enabling me in my bad eating. Darn I can that all myself.   Plus my husband does some of the morning kid duties so I can make time to workout.    Luckily we have a little competition and he has lost 50lbs this year.

I feel bad for Allie who went home. How could any mother get her child gastric bypass surgery at age 14 - and then feed her nothing but junk?!? Follow that up with refusing to get the chocolate out of the house-she left it right on the counter for tempation. . I don't know what the family dynamic is there but it seems very sad. I am glad that Allie got some support from Danny and has lost 60lbs so far. 

Do you get family support in your weight loss efforts?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach

One of the reasons I gained weight over the years is that my portions were sooooo large! I have been to weight watchers enough over the years to know that 3oz of chicken is about the size or a set of cards or my fist.

The Spark: The 28-Day Breakthrough Plan for Losing Weight, Getting Fit, and Transforming Your LifeI took the  Portion distortion quiz  
from SparkPeople
You scored 9 of 16 correct on this quiz.
On Your Way to Proper Portions
You've picked up some portion facts here and there while working towards your healthy goals. But the more you learn, the more successful you will be. Check out the links below for more help with portion sizes.

I knew the meat portion but the fruit and diary. 

How did you do? 
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Monday, September 27, 2010

South Beach Diet meal planning week of Sept 27th

Good clean eating is on tap this week

Monday chicken breast in the crockpot with tomatos, peppers mushrooms and onions

Tuesday Ground turkey with BBQ sauce and brocolli stir fry

Wednesday Breakfast for dinner

Thursday Pork chops, green beans

Friday clean out the fridge or fish

Saturday Pizza bowl

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glad to be back home

Mentally and physically I am totally done from my  business trip to Vegas.   I wish I had a pedometer to track all the miles that I walked in  high heels.  The blister are starting to finally heal.

Food wise  I didn't go crazy but I did eat the bread st several of the steakhouses that I visisted. I did also have the mashed potatos.  I didn;t eat the pastries that were in many of  the conference rooms. I guzzled water like a fish and but had plenty of wine at night. 

I did get a couple of compliements from co-workers who I haven't seen since our last conference 6 months ago. 

The best part was that I got to wear a  size 16 cocktail dress that I think I bought before my last pregnancy for our nightclub night.  I did wear nylons (and I hate nylons) because it was a little shorter than I sometimes. 

I am not weighing in until next Saturday so I won't be demotivated.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Close to VFT again

Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra Wide Platform and Step-on Technology, 440-PoundsSo close to a new VFT virgin fat territory

I dropped one pound this week. I am at 197 again and my lowest weight in the year that I have really been focusing on my get fit and fab to 40s.   I did have the Burger King incident  on Sunday which I thought I would not see a loss.

I did finalize my shopping for Vegas.  I got a nice gray and black animal print (it is not tacky) jacket and will be wearing that with a fitted black top that sucks me in!  I also got a nice brown and cream color top that  I will wear with brown pants and I have another  outfit from an early summer trip.   There is a big party going on as well so I have a dress that I fit in from a few year back. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trying to Shred negativity

Resolve, determination,  you can do it.  Maybe if I keep telling myself I can do it. I will actually do it!  I got a bit off track over the weekend again  This  weekend self sabatog is really irking me.  I asked my husband for burger king and potato chips on Sunday night.  Can you beleive that and he got it.  I felt so ill on Sunday-gas, cramps,bloated  from all the salt.  And the peanut butter monster has gotten in my head again.

GoFit 10-Pound Yellow Kettlebell with Vinyl Coating, Iron Core Training DVD and Exercise BookletOn Sunday I did Jillian Michaels: Shred-It With Weights which was on Exercise TV.  It is a great combo of cardio and strength and gets your heart beating fast.  She used Kettlebells and a modifer do use a dumbbell .  I used an 8lb dumbell and I kept my heart rate up.  If you like Shred you will like this workout as well.  I will probably add the level one of the workout in maybe once a week for something different.  Since it is on  Exercise TV I will probably just do the workout from there. It is just level one and honestly that kept me going,.

Monday, September 13, 2010

South Beach Diet meal planning week of Sept 13th

I am eat low carb/south beach really removing the sugar and the white stuff out of the diet!

Mon Buffalo chicken casserole  made this two weeks ago and was such a family hit!!

Tues Spare ribs spinach casserole

Wed  Ground beef and broccoli

Thurs Tuna Tomato skillet over whole wheat pasta

Fri Clean out the fridge night

Sat  Pizza bowl

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Warning scale stayed the same

I had a good week and was in a bouncy happy mood and was thinking the scale will go down the scale will go down! I gained one pound last week and was happy that pound would be lost but alas it stuck around and still at 198.  I just get so frustrated and really sometimes just want to give up.  No matter what I do I just lose so slow. It is hormonal since I am in the middle of my time of the month

I went shopping for my upcoming business trip. I wanted to find a decent blazer. Nope I am so big on top that nothing looked good.  I hate shopping especially for good clothes at this weight.  I am heading out shopping after soccer today again.

Sorry for the pity me post but Momma said that they would be days like this.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Jillian Michaels new DVD Shred it giveaway at That's Fit

Jillians Michaels has a new DVD out there is a giveaway for it at That's Fit AOL online fitness blog .  I wanted to try this one out yesterday because it on Exercise TV on demand but it was having hissy fits. So I did my own version of  the Last chance workout DVD.  See even my video isn't available I can still work out!

Jillian Michaels Shred it with weights DVD /  

Make sure you enter in your commits by end of day Sept 10th! Good luck

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It is not your Momma's biggest loser

I am a realty tv junkie and was excited to see Workout star Jackie Warner with a brand new show that is inspiring weight loss called Thintervention.   It focuses on  6 women and 2 men that have about 25-60lbs to lose.  While Jackie is very close to Jillian Michaels personality wise that is the closest these tv  shows get. There is no competition aspect or a people living in an isolated  ranch. They are in the real world well as real as the LA area can be.

I feel like I can relate to these folks more than the people on the ranch on the biggest loser.  They complain, bitch and moan.  They are dealing with outside temptations and showing that it can be hard to break bad habits I have used her DVD  Workout: One-On-One Training with Jackie when it was on exercise tv. I like her style and approach.  

Here are some tips from her book   This Is Why You're Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever): Eat More, Cheat More, Lose More--and Keep the Weight Off

 1. It’s not how long, it’s how strong. Incorporate 20 minutes of high intensity cardio each day. Walk fast on a treadmill for 2 minutes at a 15 incline then sprint for 2 minutes on flat ramp. Cool down for 1 minute and repeat this cycle 3 more times until you reach your 20 minute goal.

2. Women, make sure to include weight training at least 3-4 days a week. If you add 3-5 pounds of muscle to your body, you will burn 250-500 extra calories per day which equals 3-5 pounds of fat loss per week

3. Visualize the muscles you are working on–this is called the mind muscle connection and it will actually increase tone.

4. Your body hits a plateau with cardio and resistance training in one month so change your weight, reps and exercises accordingly

5. The fastest way to get the body you want is through my power circuit training. Combine 3 upper body exercises and 3 lower body exercises together to make one big set. Do not rest in between and alternate quickly from upper to lower for maximum fat burn.

6. The only muscle groups that really burn fat are the primary muscles like the chest, back, quads, glute and hamstrings. Focus hard on those!

7. You have to eat within an hour of working out to make sure you’re not eating into the muscle for energy. Make sure that you combine proteins and carbs like a blended protein shake with fruit and peanut butter or a piece of fruit with a low-fat string cheese.

8. Don’t just set a weight goal, set a physical goal too like running a 3k or training for a charity marathon. Human beings are competitive and you will spark that inner competition by trying to reach a difficult physical goal.

9. A little thing like changing your music playlist every week can go a long way. The more your mind is stimulated during your workouts, the better your results will be.

10. Instead of focusing on being fat, you’ve got to focus on being fit. If you think healthy, it eventually becomes reality to you. I always push my clients to focus on how strong they’re getting, how well they’re sleeping, and how happy they’re feeling by exercising.

If you missed the show I am sure it will be shown on Bravo again or it is on

Monday, September 6, 2010

South Beach diet meal planning week of Sept 6th

Here is the dinner  meal plan for my South Beach diet

Monday Cookout at a friends house

Tuesday Chicken with spinach casserole

Wednesday Pizza burgers (tomato sauce, cheese and mushrooms melted onto a turkey burger)

Thursday Beef and broccoli

Friday Clean out the fridge night or fish

Saturday Pizza bowl frozen pizza for the family

Sunday Steak, black beans,tomatos and onions

Sunday, September 5, 2010

the real Skinny Switch deal

One infomercial that has caught my attention lately is the Skinny Switch. The Skinny Switch is basically calorie shifting for that matter is the fact that you can lose weight fast without dieting, by tricking your body into increasing metabolism & fat burning. You combine specific foods for 3 days and eat alot to rev up your metabolism and then for the next 2 days you eat what you want. Sounds so easy as most informerical make it sound.

It sounds like a decent idea and almost like something I tried earlier this yea r Up day down day diet orThe Alternate-Day Diet  by Dr James Johnson. You would eat lower calories only 500 calories or so on Down days and then up on the up days eat until you are satisfied. I really did well the first month and then didn’t lose anything more after that. There have been some folks that have lost 100lbs plus and have kept it off. There is a pretty good support group on the low carb friends board under other plans.

Back to the Skinny Switch diet calories shifting or calorie cycle makes the body guess. However I would not waste your money on it. You are paying $5.95 a week for 6 months but you need to pay it all as a lump sum.

Don’t waste your money you would be better off spending the $150 dollars on some exercise DVDs or a new pair of walking shoes so you can get your exercise in.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

No drum roll

No big drum roll today for weight loss. I was up 1 pound to 198. This is so frustrating. I feel like I am trying to do everything right but my body doesn’t want to listen. I know how frustrating but atleast I am not seeing the number two at the beginning of my weight.

I got my hair cut yesterday and I don’t know if it was the angle of the mirror in the salon but I could see a double chin that I thought was going away. I know I have a fat face but honestly I thought it was going away. It kind of made me sad, but in a way more determined.

Exercise has been going well. I had 615 exercise minutes in August-2nd month in a row that I was over 600 minutes. I was hoping to get to over 700. I am going to keep September 600 as I will be away for one week in Vegas and between the last nights and everything else that happens in Vegas.

Here is the plan for the week

Drink 80-100 oz of water a day
Get in 5 days of exercise of atleast 30 atleast twice this week
Continue to Meal plan and keep the treats low in the house

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September my new year

Aaah the boys are back to school and fall is near. September is like the new year all again for me. I evaluate fitness goals as well as my weight loss. In the past 9 months I have done well-I am not heavier than I was on Jan 1st which in past years is often the case. I have stayed consistent with my eating except for a slip-up or two.

Getting something new I finally order and my new kickboxing work for being under 200llbs The Cathe DVD Kickmax has been out for 5 years but it still packs a punch. ! The first time I did it, I did all Combos and the Blasts (about 50 minutes). The Blasts were incredibly challenging and intense, but they went fast. The choreography may be challenging for some, but I was able to pick it up after watching just a few the first time. I think it gives the workout more variety. My legs have been on fire for days! On another day I did the leg conditioning drills...these are slow paced but very effective...your legs burn the whole time while you're doing them. I am going to try to incorporate this atleast 3 times a week into my week with the choice of different premixes I know I will not get bored.

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