Friday, August 27, 2010

Feeling good Friday

I am feeling good about my eating- had another birthday cookout for my Dad on Wednesday. I had a nice juicy burger with cheese and a hot dog with some nice spinach salad and just a little pasta salad. No one comments or notices what I am eating. I am not really worried about eating out too much anymore because I am in charge.

I am still enjoying all the veggies from my in laws garden-tomatoes and cucumbers. I have done tuna with fresh tomato and mozerella cheese baked on top . Kind of like a tuna melt but no bread needed!

This week with getting back to work filed in with some dentist appointments and middle school orientation has impacted my exercise routine. Next week when all 3 boys are in school it will be easier to get that time in before my busy work day.
I really want to make it to a new low this week and based on my pattern of staying steady and then going up a 1 or 2 I tend to have woosh. This week seems woosh worthy.

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