Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday thoughts

Two good days in row

Day by day or is it meal by meal when you are trying to lose weight. I want to think positive about this journey and what it means.

The planning for the Vegas conference has started. I get more nervous people thinking of the big fat chick in the room than actually what I am saying or do. Many of these people I talk to daily or communicate via email is much different than what they may think of me. And going to Vegas means some new clothes shopping. I have to buy a nice dress for a huge club type of party which I totally dread. I am not a club person at all. When I started on my journey last August I had hoped to be 30lbs lighter by now. Oh well I am not going to be losing 30lbs in 6 weeks but if I can be 10lbs down by then I will be jumping for joy.

Tuesday food
2 hard boiled eggs, huge salad with tuna and black beans, leftover spinach casserole and carrots for an afternoon snack, almonds (I was starving marvin). Dinner was Ham and broccoli quiche and some more carrots.

No exercise way too busy with kid issues and work

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