Monday, August 23, 2010

South Beach diet menu planning of week of Aug 23rd

Here is the menu plan for the week-we have a huge bounty of vegatables from my in-laws garden including tomatos, peppers and cucumbers-those will be included in my meals as sides for both dinner and lunch. I am try to eat as clean as possible this week to lose my vacation weight.

Monday Chicken and Spinach Casserole
Tuesday Ground beef, broccoli stir fry mixed in with BBQ sauce
Wednesday Family birthday party-most likely pizza. I will take salad and pull off the topping. That is the best part of the pizza
Thursday Burger (no bun for me) black bean ,tomato,onion salad
Friday Clean out the fridge night
Saturday Pizza Bowl for me and frozen pizza for hubby and kids
Sunday Steak, fried egg and green beans

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