Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get into the groove

You remember the old Madonna song Get into the Groove that is my theme song of the week. I am getting back into the groove with my lifestyle change.
Back from vacation and pretty darn proud of myself for not going into old binge mode! As a recovering bulimic , this is huge for me. I haven’t had a binge in months and I am not even tempted to.
This weekend could have been the opportunity to keep vacation mode on track eating a bit of track as I had two cookout birthday celebrations. One for my dear friend that turned 40 and another one for my father in law that is turning 80 years old. I find cookouts pretty easy to navigate for lowering my carbs-plain burger with cheese and any other meat plus some salad. People really do not notice that you are not having a roll. In the past I thought someone would ask why no bun, honestly no one cares. I also skipped cake as honestly I can care less about cake.

My sister in law made a great cucumber salad and she doesn’t eat sugar so it is low carb
1/4 cup rice vinegar1 Tbsp. olive oilSeveral splenda packages atleast 2-3 can have more if needed
1/2 teaspoon salt1 large cucumber1/4 cup thinkly sliced onion (red or white -- can be omitted)
Combine first four ingredients in a medium bowl. Peel cucumber, or score it if you prefer. Cut into thin slices. Add onion and toss in medium bowl with mixture. Cover and refrigerate for a half hour.

Exericse has been good
Sat Walk and shape up from exercise tv (great workout)
Sun Biggest loser last chance workout
Mon Walk and shape up
Tues Biggest loser last chance workout

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