Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glad to be back home

Mentally and physically I am totally done from my  business trip to Vegas.   I wish I had a pedometer to track all the miles that I walked in  high heels.  The blister are starting to finally heal.

Food wise  I didn't go crazy but I did eat the bread st several of the steakhouses that I visisted. I did also have the mashed potatos.  I didn;t eat the pastries that were in many of  the conference rooms. I guzzled water like a fish and but had plenty of wine at night. 

I did get a couple of compliements from co-workers who I haven't seen since our last conference 6 months ago. 

The best part was that I got to wear a  size 16 cocktail dress that I think I bought before my last pregnancy for our nightclub night.  I did wear nylons (and I hate nylons) because it was a little shorter than I sometimes. 

I am not weighing in until next Saturday so I won't be demotivated.

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