Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It is not your Momma's biggest loser

I am a realty tv junkie and was excited to see Workout star Jackie Warner with a brand new show that is inspiring weight loss called Thintervention.   It focuses on  6 women and 2 men that have about 25-60lbs to lose.  While Jackie is very close to Jillian Michaels personality wise that is the closest these tv  shows get. There is no competition aspect or a people living in an isolated  ranch. They are in the real world well as real as the LA area can be.

I feel like I can relate to these folks more than the people on the ranch on the biggest loser.  They complain, bitch and moan.  They are dealing with outside temptations and showing that it can be hard to break bad habits I have used her DVD  Workout: One-On-One Training with Jackie when it was on exercise tv. I like her style and approach.  

Here are some tips from her book   This Is Why You're Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever): Eat More, Cheat More, Lose More--and Keep the Weight Off

 1. It’s not how long, it’s how strong. Incorporate 20 minutes of high intensity cardio each day. Walk fast on a treadmill for 2 minutes at a 15 incline then sprint for 2 minutes on flat ramp. Cool down for 1 minute and repeat this cycle 3 more times until you reach your 20 minute goal.

2. Women, make sure to include weight training at least 3-4 days a week. If you add 3-5 pounds of muscle to your body, you will burn 250-500 extra calories per day which equals 3-5 pounds of fat loss per week

3. Visualize the muscles you are working on–this is called the mind muscle connection and it will actually increase tone.

4. Your body hits a plateau with cardio and resistance training in one month so change your weight, reps and exercises accordingly

5. The fastest way to get the body you want is through my power circuit training. Combine 3 upper body exercises and 3 lower body exercises together to make one big set. Do not rest in between and alternate quickly from upper to lower for maximum fat burn.

6. The only muscle groups that really burn fat are the primary muscles like the chest, back, quads, glute and hamstrings. Focus hard on those!

7. You have to eat within an hour of working out to make sure you’re not eating into the muscle for energy. Make sure that you combine proteins and carbs like a blended protein shake with fruit and peanut butter or a piece of fruit with a low-fat string cheese.

8. Don’t just set a weight goal, set a physical goal too like running a 3k or training for a charity marathon. Human beings are competitive and you will spark that inner competition by trying to reach a difficult physical goal.

9. A little thing like changing your music playlist every week can go a long way. The more your mind is stimulated during your workouts, the better your results will be.

10. Instead of focusing on being fat, you’ve got to focus on being fit. If you think healthy, it eventually becomes reality to you. I always push my clients to focus on how strong they’re getting, how well they’re sleeping, and how happy they’re feeling by exercising.

If you missed the show I am sure it will be shown on Bravo again or it is on HULU.com


  1. Awesome post, I have book marked it. And I might just have to track this book down too. That's two I've found tonight.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post! I saw this show and thought it was really good!

  3. Great post, stopping by from the blog hop! I have just started watching jackie on TV and I think she is so great, full on but great! we have the same blog background - cute isn't it??


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