Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trying to Shred negativity

Resolve, determination,  you can do it.  Maybe if I keep telling myself I can do it. I will actually do it!  I got a bit off track over the weekend again  This  weekend self sabatog is really irking me.  I asked my husband for burger king and potato chips on Sunday night.  Can you beleive that and he got it.  I felt so ill on Sunday-gas, cramps,bloated  from all the salt.  And the peanut butter monster has gotten in my head again.

GoFit 10-Pound Yellow Kettlebell with Vinyl Coating, Iron Core Training DVD and Exercise BookletOn Sunday I did Jillian Michaels: Shred-It With Weights which was on Exercise TV.  It is a great combo of cardio and strength and gets your heart beating fast.  She used Kettlebells and a modifer do use a dumbbell .  I used an 8lb dumbell and I kept my heart rate up.  If you like Shred you will like this workout as well.  I will probably add the level one of the workout in maybe once a week for something different.  Since it is on  Exercise TV I will probably just do the workout from there. It is just level one and honestly that kept me going,.


  1. I keep seeing kettlebells and want to try them. I have a thing about "collecting" workout items and then not using them. I'm trying to be better about that now :)

    My husband is the same. All I do is mention something and he's like Okay, let's get it. Makes it hard to stay on track sometimes.

  2. Valerie I have had the same issues I have over 50 exercise DVDs and lots of gadgets to go with them.

  3. Found you through the blog hop! I love the 30 day shred, doing it this month actually. I should try some of her other videos. =)

    <3 Katie

  4. I'm so guilty of buying DVDs and workout accessories. It's pitiful. But what's even more pitiful is that I've never even used most of them.

    Visiting via the blog hop. New follower!

  5. That Jillian scares the crap outta me! lol. Good on you. Keep up the good work.

  6. Jillian scares me too but I really don't have too much of a dred factor. I the biggest loser Last chance workout that she does with biggest loser. I like that better than shred.


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