Sunday, September 5, 2010

the real Skinny Switch deal

One infomercial that has caught my attention lately is the Skinny Switch. The Skinny Switch is basically calorie shifting for that matter is the fact that you can lose weight fast without dieting, by tricking your body into increasing metabolism & fat burning. You combine specific foods for 3 days and eat alot to rev up your metabolism and then for the next 2 days you eat what you want. Sounds so easy as most informerical make it sound.

It sounds like a decent idea and almost like something I tried earlier this yea r Up day down day diet orThe Alternate-Day Diet  by Dr James Johnson. You would eat lower calories only 500 calories or so on Down days and then up on the up days eat until you are satisfied. I really did well the first month and then didn’t lose anything more after that. There have been some folks that have lost 100lbs plus and have kept it off. There is a pretty good support group on the low carb friends board under other plans.

Back to the Skinny Switch diet calories shifting or calorie cycle makes the body guess. However I would not waste your money on it. You are paying $5.95 a week for 6 months but you need to pay it all as a lump sum.

Don’t waste your money you would be better off spending the $150 dollars on some exercise DVDs or a new pair of walking shoes so you can get your exercise in.

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