Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family support

I watched episode 2 of the Biggest loser last night.   I always love the early episodes of each season because you deal with the I can't do it and see them oh Yes I can come on through many times. Family was a theme that we heard with many families being seen during the health discussions via video camera

Family support I know I need it from my husband.  I don't need someone enabling me in my bad eating. Darn I can that all myself.   Plus my husband does some of the morning kid duties so I can make time to workout.    Luckily we have a little competition and he has lost 50lbs this year.

I feel bad for Allie who went home. How could any mother get her child gastric bypass surgery at age 14 - and then feed her nothing but junk?!? Follow that up with refusing to get the chocolate out of the house-she left it right on the counter for tempation. . I don't know what the family dynamic is there but it seems very sad. I am glad that Allie got some support from Danny and has lost 60lbs so far. 

Do you get family support in your weight loss efforts?

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  1. Loooooooooove biggest loser. I lose 5 kg at least every time a new series starts. Heehee.


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