Friday, July 30, 2010

Climb every mountain Thursday

I should like mountain climbers but I really don’t. Jillian Michaels likes them and says they are great for your arms and core. You get down into a plank or pushup position and run. I can only do about 20 at a time before I feel like I am going to die. She does a lot more in her workouts 3 sets of 60 yikes in her last chance workout. As she says getting skinny isn’t free so I need to continue working on them. I did do Last chance workout again yesterday on my big screen tv for the first time in months. It was great and I sweated my ass off.

Sometimes I like this journey is never going to end. I also did some tracking of my exercise in Jan and Feb I had over 700 minutes of exercising. March was a crazy month with my basement flooding and threw me off track. I need to get back to 700 minutes a month atleast. So I need to try to get to 40 minutes a day instead of the 25-30 I have been doing. I am going to try for the month of August to do it!! I have a week off in August and will be going away so I can probably get some good long walks in.

Food on Thursday was ok-I got really hungry mid afternoon we were having an all company meeting and they had some boring guest speakers so I ate 2 breakfast sausages after having a huge salad with ground turkey. Dinner was a nice mixture that we tried skinless chicken thighs with BBQ sauce mixed in with broccoli, mushroom and onions. Very good and I will try it again I have enough leftovers for dinner tomorrow night.

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