Saturday, July 31, 2010

Staying the course

I stayed the same this week 198 pounds. Honestly it is not surprising to me. I tend to stay the same weight for several weeks than go down a few pounds. I didn’t hit my goal of trying to get to 197 for this month. I have been reviewing my weight loss goals at the beginning of every other month to make sure I am on track. If I am within a 3-4lbs I will keep it the same-if not I adjust it. The weight directions is atleast going in the right direction.
It was last August that I got 226 on the scale and boy that is a scary sight. Someone had to remind me of it this past week when they posted some pictures on Facebook in the not so flattering shot of me. Let’s just say I am rather large chested and having size 44DDD do not do me any justice on my 5’2 inch frame. It is a good motivation picture not to go backwards and keep on trucking even when weight loss isn’t a straight journey.
I did pasta on Wednesday night this week and it didn’t trigger any cravings or set me off track which was wonderful. I also had a banana one day as well. I am going to go slow as I do this transition into phase 2-a phase 1.5 as some call it.

Here is the plan for the week
Drink 80-100 oz of water a day
Get in 5 days of exercise of atleast 30 minutes
Incorporate pasta one day this week
Have fruit atleast twice this week
Continue to Meal plan and keep the treats low in the house

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