Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So-So weekend but a good Monday

Weekend reflections
I was on such a high on Saturday for getting under 200lbs that I went in with a great action plan for dealing with my mother in laws birthday. I knew pizza was going to be on the menu so that plan was to scrape off the topping and put in on a salad. I brought some salad for the family however the pizza we got from Pizza hut and it was very thin crust. So the toppings don’t really come off. I have 3 slices of pepperoni pizza and the salad. Not ideal but better than eating thick crust pizza. I skipped the cake and simply had a cup of tea inside. Yeah me!!

My Saturday exercise was Turbo Sculpt from Beachbody. Oh my the number of lunges and squats on this is insane. A good insane I felt it the next day when I was walking up and down the stairs. Sunday exercise was an oldie but goodie from my DVD collection. I did Express Cardio from the Firm-this is a good 30 minute step aerobics program. She does have you doing high step at 14 inches but this nearly 200lb body and creaky knees don’t mix too well.

I did well with food all day until hubby left a bag of Doritos out and boy they called my name. I haven’t had any chips at all. You see chips are my weakness. I would eat a whole large bag of chips especially salt and vinegar flavor and down it with a ton of milk. It was totally mindless eating and I hated the feeling.

So Monday I got on my big girl pants and restarted over. Back to normal clean eating and I had a fantastic day. I had my hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken salad, chicken and spinach casserole plus some carrots. I wasn’t hungry afterwards. Evening time I spent with my 3 boys in the pool doing my pool walking and lots of jumping playing keep away for over an hour. A perfect way to end the day.

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