Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Consistency Consistency Consistency

What is your secret for staying consistent? Do I have a secret.... maybe maybe not

I think I am a naturally consistent type person - consistently on track or consistently off track, one or the other. That being said it it has gotten me over 200lbs.

1. Make it easy –Daily tracking of my food , plus I realize I can only track so much before I get overloaded and give up on it . I don’t bother with saying keeping a real detail track of my food. It is a good day or poor day.

2. Make it enjoyable - I try to make sure that the food I have in the house is healthy and delicious. If I'm enjoying the way I'm eating, there is no need to stray off the path. I also try to make sure to have some on-track "treats" available like the nuts, natural peanut butter and cheese sticks. The danger with these is having them too frequently.

3. Have a plan I make a menu plan each week even before I was in serious weight loss mode. I make sure I have plenty of the right meats-I make sure I have chicken breast, ground turkey in my freezer plus some veggie burgers. I stock up on frozen veggies as well for side dishes and even snacks.

I try to get my exercise right after the boys are on the school bus. I still have one son that is getting picked up Mon-Thurs for special needs school during the summer so this stil works and then I get my into my home office for work. If I don't get it done first thing in the morning it doesn't get done. I shoot for 5 days of exercise a day.


  1. The "secret" for me is to have a consitent goal......and then to nurture a consistent belief....

  2. Lucy thanks for the comment I totally agree with you!


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